Facebook announces ‘Youth Portal’ for teenager safety

Facebook app on Android

Facebook has announced a ‘Youth Portal’ that aims to be a dedicated place for tips, tools and resources to help teens be safer.

According to Facebook, the portal includes:

  • Advice on how to get the most out of surfing the web and how to take a social media break if needed
  • Education on safe usage of Pages, Groups, Events and Profile, as well as what data Facebook collects and how the company uses it
  • First-person accounts from teens around the world that are “using technology in new and creative ways”
  • Tips on security, reporting content and deciding who can see what you share

The portal, which is available in 60 languages, can be accessed at facebook.com/safety/youth.

To build the portal, Facebook says it spoke with groups of teens in the U.S., UK, Italy and Brazil. As well, the company says it plans to hold additional roundtables over the next several months to further build on the portal.

Finally, Facebook also says it’s working with policymakers, privacy experts and other companies to offer more tools and resources to teens.