OnePlus compares its upcoming flagship’s camera against iPhone X, Galaxy S9, Pixel 2

This isn't the first time the company's boasted about the OnePlus 6's camera prowess

OnePlus 5

Chinese hardware manufacturer OnePlus is continuing to build anticipation for its upcoming OnePlus 6 smartphone, ahead of the device’s unveiling on May 16th, 2018.

In a May 11th, 2018 tweet, OnePlus posted a collection of photos taken with the OnePlus 6, the Samsung Galaxy S9, the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2.

Asking viewers if they can match the shot to the phone, OnePlus’s goal is clearly to draw a direct comparison between its own camera hardware and the hardware of arguably the best smartphone cameras currently available at market.

Admittedly, the photos do look quite pretty and I really can’t seem to figure out which phone was used to take which photo. Still, the photos look like they were taken in ideal outdoor lighting conditions, so the tweet should be taken with several grains of salt.

The tweet doesn’t offer any insight into how the OnePlus 6’s camera will operate in low-light conditions or even indoors.

This isn’t the first time that OnePlus has shown off the OnePlus 6’s camera.

The company’s co-founder Pete Lau recently posted photos taken with the OnePlus 6 to his Weibo account. Once again, Lau’s photos don’t provide very much context surrounding the camera’s hardware or software aspects.

The OnePlus 6 has been confirmed by Lau to carry a Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of internal storage. Lau also previously confirmed that the OnePlus 6 will have a notch.

Source: Twitter