Patents points to Samsung using 3D avatars for video calling

Mickey Mouse AR Emoji on Galaxy S9

It appears Samsung is developing its own version of FaceTime that leverages the company’s AR Emoji technology.

A patent that was published last week, but submitted to the U.S. Patent Office in 2013, shows the company was exploring the use of a 3D avatar system for video calling. The patent describes a future Galaxy smartphone with a depth-sensing front camera that would enable the feature.

According to the patent, Samsung intended to use 3D avatars because it would require less bandwidth than normal video chatting. While video calling transmits frame by frame images from one phone to the other, the 3D avatars would only show particular aspects of the user’s face, such as micro-expressions. This would require less bandwidth and increase transmit speeds, according to the patent.

This tech would require a smartphone with a 3D camera, something that Samsung has reportedly planned for its next S-series smartphone.

This patent was spotted by Patently Mobile. As with all patents, just because Samsung was granted this particular patent doesn’t mean the company will commercialize the idea. What’s more, given the date of the patent and its intended application, to reduce bandwidth consumption, there’s a chance the company has already moved past the idea.

Source: Patently Mobile