PUBG’s Miramar desert map is coming to Xbox One in May

PUBG Miramar

While PC players continue to get access to the bulk of PUBG’s upcoming features, we now at least know when the battle royale game’s second map is coming to the console version of the game.

During a PAX East presentation, Brendan Greene, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ director, revealed that the map is set to make its way to consoles in May.

Miramar, PUBG’s desert map, made its way to the PC version of PUBG with version 1.0’s launch back in mid-December. Despite a number of recent updates that have helped the game run significantly better on Microsoft’s console, the Xbox One version of PUBG still remains in early-access.

The PC version of PUBG is currently holding a three-day event on Miramar called ‘Tequila Sunrise’ where only shotguns and melee weapons spawn in a new four-person squad mode.

The presentation also featured Canadian DJ Joel Zimmerman (known professionally as deadmau5) wearing a 15-pound PUBG-themed helmet. A surprisingly great mobile version of PUBG recently made its way to the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, though some players have noted that the mobile game’s first few matches are full of bots.

Source: Twitch