Google is now recommending Play Store ‘Lite’ apps to some users

Facebook Lite App

‘Lite’ Android apps often include less features, but also improved performance, less data usage and in most cases, smaller APK download sizes.

While applications like Facebook’s Messenger Lite have been around for a few months now, they’re somewhat buried in the depths of the Play Store. It looks like Google has plans to change that, though, by directly recommending these less resource intensive apps to users.

Play Store suggesting Lite version of app from r/Android

Originally spotted by Reddit users and then first reported by Android Police, it looks like Google is testing a new feature that recommends the lite version of a specific app when browsing its Play Store listing.

This makes it easier for users to discover lite apps who otherwise wouldn’t even know they exist. It could also improve specific apps’ performance when running on lower-end Android devices.

Examples of notable ‘Lite’ Android apps include Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite and Messenger Lite.

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police