Pokémon Go is getting Facebook support and bringing back Lugia

More account options and another shot at Lugia

Pokémon Go is rolling out two new updates, one that will make it easier for players to transfer their profiles between devices and one that brings back the legendary Pokémon Lugia.

Moving forward, the game will soon allow users to sign in with their Facebook accounts adding to the types of sign-in options within the game. Until now there were only two options to sign into Pokémon Go, a Google account or a Pokémon Go specific trainer club account.

Now that Google and Facebook accounts work with Pokémon Go, users will be able link their trainer club accounts with one of these services in case they don’t have access to the email they used for their trainer club anymore. Specifically, users that signed up with a university or work email that might expire can now be attached to Facebook or Google so users don’t have to worry about losing their accounts.

Pokémon Go rotates through legendary Pokémon every so often and starting on March 16th it’s bringing back the flying-psychic Pokemon Lugia.

Lugia was part of the first batch of legendary Pokémon that made their way into the game in the summer of 2017. This time around though, Lugia will know an improved version of the flying-type move ‘Sky Attack’ and will be part of the game until April 2nd. As Lugia enters the game, the current legendary raid boss, Raquaza, will exit the game.

Source: Niantic