Watch the Nintendo Switch playing on a portable Sony TV from 1986 with this hack

A YouTuber that goes by the name ‘My Mate VINCE‘ has found a way to get the Nintendo Switch to play on a miniature black-and-white Sony Pocket TV from 1986.

The setup requires an HDMI cable, HDMI-to-AV converter, a VCR, an RF signal booster and an aerial, so it’s far from practical or something actually worth doing. The Switch’s two Joy-cons can also be attached to each side of the tiny television with what looks like an elastic or zip tie.

Rather than connecting directly to the pocket TV, the the Switch is hooked up to a VCR and an RF antenna that then broadcasts the signal to the TV (if this sounds complicated, you aren’t alone). ‘My Mate Vince’ has tested the complicated setup with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Metal Slug and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

While games look grainy and obviously black-and-white, they also run surprisingly smoothly.

While silly and positively not practical at all, hacks like this definitely appeal to my nostalgic side. Years ago I got the Super Nintendo up and running on a tiny black-and-white television through a a makeshift RF adapter.

The setup wasn’t perfect and at times it felt impossible to actually see the television, but it kept me busy during long childhood summers at my parent’s cottage.

Via: The Verge