Tesla Model 3 to go on display tomorrow in Toronto

Tesla Model 3 on road

The Tesla Model 3 is rolling on up to Canada.

The electric car giant has announced it will be bringing a display of the Model 3 to its Yorkdale Shopping Centre location in Toronto.

There, Tesla says Canadians can “be among the first to sit inside Model 3 and experience the expansive glass roof, premium interior and 15-inch touchscreen display.” More information on the Model 3’s touchscreen can be found here.

Product experts will also be on-site to answer any questions that customers may have, according to Tesla.

Canadians can reserve the Model 3 through Tesla’s website. Shipments will begin earlier than expected, too, as the Canadian Tesla website has recently been updated to list a ‘Mid 2018’ window instead of ‘Late 2018.’

Overall, the Model 3 has suffered from some manufacturing delays, particularly due to automation issues related to battery production. As a result, the company was unable to meet to deliver as many Model 3 vehicles as promised by the end of 2017.

While wait times may be long, the new display in Toronto will at least tide over some Canadians in the meantime.

Shoutout to MobileSyrup reader Andrew for originally passing on this news.

Image credit: Tesla