Amazon launches Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 Tablets in Canada


  • heynow00

    Fire 7 16gb also available for 79.99

  • Leif Shantz

    This could be the perfect additon to my Echo Dots!!!! 🙂

  • jellmoo

    Is there any word about the Fire 10 being Canada bound as well?

  • vn33

    About time … all this after I bought two Fire 7 in 2015, two HD8 earlier this year, another HD8 and HD10 on Black Friday.

    For those who plan to buy these tablets, you should install Play store, then install LauncherHijack and your favourite launcher. This will give you a close Android tablet feel with no need to root. IMHO you got a great bang-for-buck Android tablet!

    • gremlin0007

      How’s the tablet? These prices are redonk! Are they severely under powered for 2017 apps?

    • vn33

      Baaah … my original reply to you with the Amazon website link got “reviewed” and my post disappeared.

      Anyway, for the purposes I used my tablet (eReader, Netflix, YouTube, MX Player) the Fire Tablet can breeze through. I didn’t play too many games, but with the MediaTek chip under the hood, I don’t think it will set any records. Maybe adequate for light gaming?

      On Black Friday week, if you can get the HD8 for $US49 and HD10 for $US99, I can’t think of a better bang-for-buck value. Certainly better than those Android tablets being sold at WalMart and Cdn Tire!

    • KiwiBri

      thanks for the info!

    • vn33

      XDA-Developer has quite good forum, with lots of info & details.

  • mike m

    link doesn’t work

  • Khai

    Finally some good and reasonably priced gadget available to Canadians

  • KiwiBri

    So these are expandable with SD cards? so why get the 32GB one when you can get 16GB one + SD card? or am I missing something?

  • Wireless Gadget

    Was going to pull the trigger on the 8″ 32gb version then realized they offer the 10″ in the USA, so I’m holding back for the larger format. Though the 8″ 32gb at $129.00 is a fab price!

  • FKnm

    Kids edition please.

  • cancron

    to bad is doesn’t have the play store…..

    • vn33

      You can easily put in Google Play store, and give it a true Android tablet feel by:
      – Install 4 APKs to get Google Play store, reboot and login Play store
      – Download Nova Launcher (or your favourite launcher)
      – Download and install LauncherHijack (it’s an APK, not from Play store)
      – Adjust setting to make your favourite launcher the default one

      Too bad I don’t have a screenshot to share, but if you can’t tell from the home screen it’s a Fire Tablet.
      Note: Check XDA-Developers for more details.

    • cancron

      I thought their latest update blocked the SPK so you’re forced to use their app store now

    • vn33

      No … their update was thought to block the APK but there was a workaround. However, most recent update (yesterday/today?) seems to fix that, and you are back to install your own apps.
      I know, because I did it for my HD 8. It is using Nova as default launcher. You can hardly tell it is is using Fire OS underneath. For the price I paid and the purpose I use my tablets for, you’ll be hardpressed to find a better bang for your buck!!

    • Marshall Davidson

      The problem with workarounds for APKs is that with each new update there is a risk you’ll find apps like the Play Store broken requiring more effort to repair. If it doesn’t run native it’s not ideal no matter what the circumstances.These are great budget tablets without doubt but they have some limitations but that’s also reflected in the price. If it was truly an authentic Android experience I suspect you’d be paying a couple hundred more.

    • vn33

      I agree with you, there will always be the risk that Amazon decide to close the loophole and force the user back to the Fire OS interface. However, if someone is willing to go through the trouble, these are hard to beat in value.