Canada’s innovation minister supports Bell’s Lucky Mobile low-cost carrier

The minister has issued a formal statement, and has tweeted his support


  • Techguru86

    Why need this and not just make better plans available to customers on Virgin ?

    • John Lofwire


      Client service will be crappy on that new carrier and much harder to reach.
      Speed of internet will also be slower.
      So overall its gonna be inferior to Virgin and cost less per user to bell itself.

  • David Rawlins

    Either the innovation minister is out of touch or he’s bought and paid for. Bell and Telus “compete” like GMC and Chevy “compete” against each other.

  • Croc Ography

    Oh, come on… this is ridiculous. If this brain-dead minister wants low cost communications for Canadians he and his predecessors should not have allowed Bell, Tellus and Rogers to buy up the competition in the first place. Creating “unlucky mobile” only means that people will get the least amount of service they possibly can for a twenty once a month.

  • Leif Shantz

    WTH!?!?! I’d die of laughter at this man if he were announcing this in front of me… A Minister praising Lucky Mobile when deep down…. It’s Bhell!!!!!

  • Omis

    I couldn’t be bother reading this. Does he explain why Bell and the other Big 3 telecoms need to make a separate company to offer low cost options instead of offering a low cost tier in their existing company?

  • Benjamin Lehto

    I’d love to see a grass roots movement take flight where Bell customers in the millions cancel their services and go with whatever competitor is available to them. Even if it’s one of the other members of the Axis of Evil (Rogers or Telus).

    But to see Bell screwed so badly by a public campaign like this would be a beautiful thing to witness in our lifetimes.

  • naviz

    Yet another fighter/burner brand.

  • Chris Laidlaw

    Wow, if you truly wanted restricted service, less plan options and are willing to give up your current “locked phone” here’s another waste of time. Just use your older phone and consider data as a luxury “option”. Came back from the UK where a 6GB plan with subsidized phone is $48/mth. Canadian telecom is uncompetitive and this new “fighter brand” is useless. Launch city-wide free WiFi (like in the UK) and watch data plan prices drop quickly.

    • EBIGN

      Canada’s population is more sparse and live farther apart than in the UK. In here we pay for more reliable and faster network speeds. If you are looking for more value than network quality, there is Freedom Mobile. Since they only cover the most populated areas, they have cheaper plans than most UK plans, conversion rate in mind. Freedom have a $50 with 10GB and a subsidized phone. Sometimes they’ll even offer it for $40 to entice people to switch.

    • Chris Laidlaw

      Yeah, it’s $50 but voice costs extra.