Twitter is testing a new save-for-later feature called Bookmarks


Want to save a tweet for later?

Currently the only option is to hit the ‘like’ button, which has the sometimes unfortunate side-effect of publicizing your interest in the tweet (just ask U.S. Senator Ted Cruz how that can go wrong).

Twitter’s head of product Keith Coleman tweeted that the platform was working on a new feature to solve this issue in October, and now staff product designer Tina Koyama has revealed a design image of the feature, dubbed ‘Bookmarks,’ that shows it popping up under ‘Lists’ in the sidebar.

An early demo of the feature was tweeted in October 2017, showing how it might work when it launches to the public. In the demo, the user presses the ‘more’ button with three dots on the corner of a tweet and selects ‘add to bookmarks.’

There’s no roadmap for when Bookmarks will launch, but the Koyama’s tweets confirm it is now entering testing.

Source: Tina Koyama via Twitter Via: The Verge