Government of Canada invests nearly $500,000 in BC startup to develop historical AR experiences

Motive.io AR experience

The Government of Canada has announced that it has signed a $482,000 contract with Burnaby, BC’s Motive.io, to develop location-based, augmented reality experiences in Ottawa. The funding comes from the federal government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program, which aims to support innovators with their first sale and innovation testing.

Canadian Heritage says it will use Motive.io’s platform to bring the “history, stories and cultural heritage of Canada into life” for those visiting Ottawa.

“Our government is pleased to collaborate with Motive.io and the Build in Canada Innovation Program as the testing partner for this exciting and innovative gaming guided tour app platform,” said Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, in a press statement. “We will continue our efforts to support and promote our creative industries as they continue to innovate and grow.”

The government invites Canadian innovators to submit their proposals through the Build in Canada Innovation Program website.

Source: Government of Canada