Freedom Mobile to launch iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X on December 8, pre-orders start November 24


  • Anonymous

    This is good news. What makes this awesome is the discounts especially on iPhone X. Surely getting on board now.

  • basesloadedwalk

    Just signed up with Freedom last night, and the representative even gave me a bonus called Friends and Family discount, which gives me an additional 35% off their plans for life. I didn’t ask for this discount, nor even knew it existed, but the representative just gave it to me because he said he only has until the end of the month to give out his allotment. I would recommend people ask about this discount if they are thinking of signing up. I am getting 20GB and unlimited talk and text for $65/month. Was paying Telus $120/month for 6GB

    • It’s Me

      That’s great. Let’s us know if their network is viable. I’d consider them but I’m always leery of their coverage.

    • JoMore

      Don’t forget about speed! A couple of buddies on freedom can’t break 10mbps on speedtest. Right now I average between 60-100 down and 10-20 up depending where I am throughout the day… I don’t need insane speeds, but once they can hit 40-50, I’ll consider switching. Is anyone with Freedom getting good speeds yet?

    • It’s Me

      I think I could live with those speeds. But I need coverage.

    • JJohn

      People are getting up to 100+ Mbps now, especially if you have a phone like these iPhones which have band 66

    • I’m the same boat — I switched to them when they were WIND Mobile back in the summer of 2014, and was so disappointed with their coverage that I ended up going crawling back to Bell.

      I’m really hoping they’ve improved since then — this latest offer is extremely tempting — but you know what they say about “once bitten…”

  • Si2k78

    Competition is good. I hope their coverage expands quickly.

  • heynow00

    If you are ready to go back to the days of standing by the window in the house that you hope gives you some coverage than Freedom is the way to go.

    The $0 down on super expensive phones is a great idea to trap people in.after a few months of frustration when you want to leave and see you still owe 1200 towards that note 8/iPhone x you are going you change your mind about leaving and stick through it

    • Well, since you can pay off your MyTab at any time, it may still be a viable option for some…. You’re still saving on buying the iPhone outright, and of course they all have to be unlocked now…. So it’s also a good way to get somebody to give Freedom a chance if you’re otherwise on the fence about shelling out for one of the new iPhones anyway…. Start on a MyTab, and if Freedom is really that bad, pay it off at the discounted price and bring-your-own-iPhone to another carrier.

  • OptimusOBrien

    I’ve been on their LTE for a little while now with my S8 and it’s been much better than I thought. Depending on where I am I average 20mbps down up to about 60. Coverage for the most part isn’t an issue for me but when I’m in school it’s awful but my school kills cell signal. Looking forward to them launching the iPhone

    • In what part of the country are you located?

    • OptimusOBrien

      Kitchener, ON

  • Techguru86

    Definitely undercutting the big 3 by a huge number, Freedom is here to stay and play. Apple clearly has confidence in the network or they wouldn’t be selling them

  • Nino Bonifacio

    ip8 is a good deal for that one specially if you have friends and family 35% discount plan comes up with $47.5 monthly with iphone 8.

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    Rose, why even mention Band 12/17 in the article? The obtained licenses are only in the Band 13 range. It is just going to confuse people.

    Freedom Mobile devices should have a combination or preferably all of the following bands: 4, 7, 13 & 66

    (Just a note: Freedom Mobile has not implemented MBFI on Band 4 with Band 66)

  • MrQ

    $360 iphone 8!

    Nice, didn’t expect that.

  • Andy Land

    Considering you have to pay for outgoing minutes on any of the Big Gig plans (without Text) the total monthly cost will always be higher. If you average 300 minutes of outgoing calls you’re looking at another $15 per month. As as customer I’ve always liked that Freedom kept their plans simple. Charging for outgoing calls is a step towards the Big 3’s confusing plans.

    • Techguru86

      Then pay the 60 plan and your covered and you still get 10gbs, you’re already getting huge discount. Many just don’t call at all anymore.

  • Sanjay Kumar

    This is a good news for Freedom mobile.
    They has been trying to get iPhone for a long time.
    Good option for those who enjoy iPhones.