Vidéotron announces it now has one million mobile customers


  • Zaptor99

    It seems we have more cell phone subscribers than people in Canada.

    • alexb88

      A lot of people have two phones… One for work and a personal one.

    • MrQ

      Canada still has one of the worst cell phone penetration rates in the world, developed country or not. Most countries are over 100%, I don’t think Canada is near that

  • Dexter

    Please expand to Manitoba, we just lost MTS because Bell acquired it and not phone plans are going up!

  • HP

    Videotron plan prices look good, anybody know if I can sign up with them living in Ontario on a national plan? And port my 416 area code number?

    • alexb88

      No. They’re only available in the Ottawa area in Ontario.

    • Wilbour

      Drive to Ottawa and sign up. Port your 416 over. Drive home. Enjoy.

    • HP

      Good idea. Would you know who’s partner network they use across Canada? Quality is important!

    • Wilbour

      If you are in the Quebec/Ottawa area you will be on the Videotron LTE network.
      Just beyond Ottawa in your way to TO you will switch to Partnr1 which is Rogers. If you are not near a Rogers tower you will connect with Partnr2 which is a 3rd party.

      Deal is you can roam as much on Partnr1 as you want but on Partnr2 you will be restricted after 3 months or so. I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ISSUE WITH VIDEOTRON SERVICE!

      I don’t regret signing up.

    • HP

      Thanks for the info!!

  • Jo

    Believe me, if they were to come to New Brunswick, I’d give them business like there’s no tomorrow. I’d love to have an actual interested competitor!

  • Leconte Dave

    I pay 66 for 18gb and everything Unlimited. Thank you Vidéotron