Amazon plays catch-up with Google, adds multiple voice support to the Echo


  • Marshall Davidson

    One has to wonder when Amazon will finally deliver this to Canada? I mean with Google Home out now and Sonos coming along with Apple’s HomePod by Christmas, what the heck is Bezos waiting for? They’re keen to pump groceries here and half-baked Amazon Prime but can’t roll out the Echo properly even when many Canadians can get one shopping from a U.S. retailer and use it here.
    Tone deaf these guys are…

    • EBIGN

      I agree, what is taking Amazon too long to launch Echo in Canada. If Google can launch the Google Home Max in Canada with the US launch this December. Seems like they are avoiding having French compatibility.

  • David Swayze

    Yes, Amazon needs to get with the program. I see they are releasing in India and Japan. I am wondering if the hold up is the need to understand French to meet bilingualism requirements? So far they have English, German and soon Japanese so I would think that French should be in that list somewhere. I am heavily invested in Amazon Echo devices having two Echo Dots and two Echos, but am starting to regret the decision. I should’ve just waited and went with Google Home when it released this summer. I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

    • Cam McArthur

      I feel like that is the reason why. i remember with either the NES classic, or the SNES classic, it could not be sold in QC, because the games were not going to be translated in french