Snap Spectacles now available in Canada for $169.99


  • hoo dat

    Am I the only one who just doesn’t see the point of these things? Also, could the video capture through an obscured camera, one many wouldn’t be aware of, be subject to all sorts of privacy issues?

    • Andrew Holt

      Not if you are in a public space. There is no expectation of privacy in the public domain.

    • Raian

      I mean, looking at it, it is pretty obvious there are cameras on those lenses. It looks really goofy and stands out. No different then putting a camera on a cell phone when it started and now everybody has a camera that is the new greatest thing on them.

    • navrsa

      you are spot on. a stupidity that was missed in the envision phase of that project.

  • Marshall Davidson

    What is the point here? They are fugly and the idea of recording video in this manner is disturbing to say the least. We are fast moving towards a society where privacy will have become a quaint notion thing of the past.

    • Do Do

      Resistance is NOT futile.

    • So London?

  • porn just got a new accessory

  • Detroit Lions fan

    Too much money for a Fad Item