Here are all the changes to Canadian carrier rate plans this week [October 9 – October 15]


  • Andrew Holt

    So data prices continue to rise. Same old same old. Add that with the smartphone prices going the way they are, I think I’m looking at an old school flip phone after my lg g6 phone dies (probably in a couple of years). It boggles my mind how cell phone providers and phone manufactures are basically stifling this industry from growing any more. The new trend will be people keeping their phones for 3-4 years before upgrading, and people will cut their data and use readily available public wi-fi much more.

    • aRhyno

      I jumped on the public mobile band wagon. I think my plan is down to 35$ a “month”. It’s nice not to feel the pressure after the 2 years is up to upgrade. It always bugged me that they didn’t lower my plans so I always upgraded. Now it’s my choice to buy a 300$ phone or 1300$ phone. After 2 years or 4 years.

    • Benjamin Lehto

      No need to worry about the obvious that you stated, the CRTC is on the job to discuss the problem in an eternal process of studies and roundtables. I think we should see progress on the gouging in 30-40 years?

    • h2oflyer

      Great place to start and end a career. Just need enough credentials and skills to get in the door. Imagine spending 30 yrs on endless studies counting off the years towards your excellent government pension.

      Of course after about 10 yrs of wasted time they realize they’ve unemployable elsewhere and the studies become meaningless and worthless.

      Remember the government’s hiring boast….we pay above industry grade because we only hire the best and pay above grade to retain them.

  • Brian

    Every week I read the rate plan changes and see bell and rogers increase their prices I throw up a little…. it’s absolutely sickening how backwards Canada is in the mobile sector when countries that are part of the European Union have essentially removed roaming charges and you can get 10gb data plans plus bonus data for 15-20 bucks a month in some countries

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    The Freedom Mobile promo plans (Smartphone 40 6GB & Promo Everywhere $50 8GB) have not expired yet; in fact, Freedom Mobile did not set an expiry this time when they brought it back this past Friday.

  • Bala Yogesh

    The Telus 1GB Bonus data seems to have ended. Checked in with Telus store..

  • jcm

    Looks like the Rogers Galaxy S8 $0 promo has ended 🙁

  • Brad D.

    Dry with no lube, business as usual for the big 3.5 in Canada.