Google announces new Daydream View virtual reality headset

new Google Daydream View

Google has revealed the new Daydream View virtual reality headset.

It will be available in three new colours — Charcoal, Coral and Fog — and is made up of an improved fabric material, compared to the original Daydream View’s cloth-like covering. As well, the lenses have been upgraded to offer the widest field of view yet.

Google says that 250 high-quality VR titles will be available at launch, compared to the 25 apps offered when the original Daydream View launched.

Google also confirmed a slate of premium video content coming to Daydream, including multiple new VR originals from YouTube. Pixel 2 owners will be able to Experience IMAX short films for free through Google Play Movies on Daydream View.

Finally, the new Daydream View features front-firing stereo speakers and the ability to cast the experience to a TV for friends and family to see what the headset user is seeing.

The new Daydream View is now available for pre-order in Canada for $139 CAD on The Google Store and retailers and set to be delivered by October 19th.


  • Marshall Davidson

    The casting feature is certainly a step up from the previous iteration. Still, its basically just a toy as there is nothing imperative or productive about owning one of these. You buy it, use it for a bit then after awhile toss it aside. At least that’s what I did after a couple months.

    • Smanny

      It certainly depends on what you are doing with it. For instance 360 video content is definitely cool, and more content is arriving every day. You can even see some sports now in VR. Plus some VR games just blow away any mobile games. For instance Need for Speed VR is really cool on Daydream. That game blows away all other mobile driving games.

    • Marshall Davidson

      All true but what I think holds this back is that not everyone can comfortably use it. I had a few friends come around and try mine out and they had splitting headaches for days after using it. When it comes to gaming like Need for Speed I myself experienced some serious issues in the immediate aftermath losing balance, dizziness etc. While not all are affected by these symptoms it’s still a concern for many.
      Last but not least, I feel that augmented/mixed reality may have more practical uses and that’s something I’d like to see more of. At least MSFT is taking some positive steps in this direction.

    • Smanny

      Studies have shown that about 10% of the population gets some type of motion sickness with VR. If you sit down, that number goes down as well.

      It still doesn’t change the fact that the VR version of the game like Need for Speed VR blows any mobile version out of the water. This is true for many VR games and applications compared to smartphone versions.

      As far as mixed reality is concerned, that is the end game for everyone. Even Google has been working on a mixed reality headset with their worldsense technology. So it can not only map out the general vacinity around your headset, but you can interact with things like your hands as well. It’s not just Microsoft that has been working on AR/MR/VR. HTC and Lenovo have standalone headsets coming out with Google’s technology on board as well.

  • Mathieu Laflamme

    I dont see the version 2 available anywhere in Canada… Am I blind?