VICE News Tonight to stream on Bell Media’s Much

Vice News header

Bell Media and VICE Media (Vice) have finalized a partnership for VICE News Tonight.

The 30-minute news program will air Monday to Thursday at 9pm ET on Much, starting October 16th, 2017. The program will also stream on Much.com.

“There is simply a DNA match between the millennial-focused Much and Vice News Tonight, and the revitalized fall schedule across Much-branded platforms offers the perfect home for this ground-breaking news program in Canada,” said Mike Cosentino, Bell Media’s president of content and programming, in a September 20th, 2017 media release.

The program currents on HBO in the U.S., and will also air on HBO Canada in the 11 p.m. ET time-slot.

“Today’s young Canadians are one of the most curious, diverse and globally minded generations ever,” said Ryan Archibald, president of VICE Canada, in the same release. “They want to see different perspectives that look beyond the headlines of the day, and that’s what VICE News Tonight delivers.”

Source: Bell Media

Image courtesy of Yahoo News.