Telus reduces Essential Phone on-contract price by $90


  • Whome

    Ya no I’ll stick with my 7Gb of data for $66 with Videotron.

  • h2oflyer

    If they reduced the price to $0 and $199, they still won’t sell any.

  • Tod Middle-Lane

    Do you really think I’m going to change my $40/4gb/month for a $95/3gb for an overpriced and avg spec phone? Lol! At $399 outright (no contact and fully unlocked I wud think about it… But never tried to an overpriced monthly Telus contract…

    • Garrett Cooper

      Now that I’m on a $48/5GB plan in Calgary, I’m part of this group who’ll never give it up. I’ll buy my own phones thanks.

    • Tod Middle-Lane

      Exactly! Once you get a great plan you can live with ur better off over the long run playing less per month and choosing exactly what phone u want at a good price. I haven’t had a carrier subsidised phone for 15+ years, just keep the same great plan…

    • Garrett Cooper

      I did splurge and use my Koodo tab before porting my AB number to my SK promo plan to get a PixelXL. But once it’s paid off, that’ll be the end of carrier subsidized phones. I wasn’t going to, but when the XL got heavily discounted I couldn’t say no lol.