The Frank Phone is not dead yet, according to its creators


  • Kevin_Lee

    You lied… so you learned that lying is bad?

    If you put your idea out there, people will find out if you made it or not. They will know and the news will get out there. Dishonesty doesn’t get you very far anymore especially as crowdfunding has matured greatly from the early days. People are more skeptical of buying into bull.

    • EcE

      You lied… so you learned that lying is bad? and yet continued lying?

      “We continued to seek out new manufacturers and test alternate moulds and OEMs with the aim of reducing costs and increasing savings.”

      What moulds? It was an already available phone that they were trying to sell.

      “with Indiegogo “poaching” us from Kickstarter, using promises of free promotions and expert consultation”

      I’m sure they didn’t go to Indiegogo at all, Indiegogo somehow found out they were going after kickstarter and “poached” them.

  • gommer strike

    yawn. Ok so they went to China(or just spoke with some companies there), selected parts from a bin, and slapped their name on it? Anyone can do that.

    If people want a budget phone(and that’s totally fine), why wouldn’t they just buy it from banggood or gearbest, or even just Amazon? There are phones you can buy anywhere from $100 – $300(and the $300 stuff is when things start to get really good). Even the ~$200 stuff is more than enough for most people.

    • Russ

      I think it’s hard for people (particularly those who don’t regularly read tech sites) to trust the budget phones, and in some cases that’s justified. They need the comfort of a brand name phone backed by a carrier, even if that ends up costing them way more money.

      Of course, this just makes it more confounding that people would blindly trust the Frank phone.

    • gommer strike

      Agreed. When the regular Joe/Jane sees Galaxy, iPhone, and even Pixel on the bus stops and ads everywhere, it feels…hey, this is known, this has been vetted, and I can at least know that other people would have them too.

      And if I have problems, I can go back to the store. That’s actually pretty big to a lot of people. Whereas if you order something from China and something goes wrong – OK so you make the support call, sit on hold, wait for who knows how long, package the phone up, and send it back to China a few months for diagnosis/repair, yadda yadda.

      Frank phone…I can’t imagine the support model for that device would have been any better.

  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    “The big guys can’t bully us”? The big guys don’t care about you. You’re actually bullying yourselves with this misguided strategy.
    Also, “Alternate (Crowdfunding) Platform”? Indigogo IS the alternate. They’re basically down to GoFundMe at this point.
    If they’d just be upfront and transparent, they’d have a shot at making this work maybe.

    • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

      Not even. There is nothing they are doing that is fundamentally different than what Blu, Sky, Polaroid or the other bajillion small phone brands are doing, aside from that cringy BS about “how they’re doing this for greater good” in order to justify their higher bait-and-switch price.

    • Spencer Navarra-Chew

      It’s all about branding. The brand message is spot on, but fudging the facts and acting petulant when getting caught is counter to that.
      If they could stay on message: “we are trying to bring you folks the best phone we can at the best price we can” they’d have a chance. The buyers wouldn’t really care that’s it’s a white box re-brand. And Blu, Sky and Polaroid have NO brand message, so Frank would have a advantage there.

    • EcE

      They supposedly “learned” from their mistakes yet, they keep acting as if they were actually designing anything:
      “We continued to seek out new manufacturers and test alternate moulds and OEMs with the aim of reducing costs and increasing savings.”

      What moulds?

    • Mo Dabbas

      I was thinking similar thing. And what alternative route as well??

  • Smanny

    They initially said it will have Android 6 Marshmallow, then they said it might have 7.0 instead. But since we are moving onto Oreo now (version 8), that’s a damper. Plus when I finally saw that it was using a MT6750T (4 1.5 GHz cores, 4 1.0 GHz cores) with a‎ Mali-T860 MP2, which it’s GPU is rated at 44.2 gigaflops. That SoC is crap in 2017. Then they used some story to string and tug at our hearts. I can buy an Android smartphone right now with better specs and at a cheaper price than what these yoyo’s are asking. If you actually want support with at least some updates, then most of the current OEMs right now sell low priced smartphones for a little more than what they are asking. Plus you will get support if something goes wrong. What support do these people give? Yeah, we know, nothing. I predict that the Frank phone is DOA. You heard it first here people.

  • Nick Bransford

    Forget the controversy about the rebrand, the whole pitch was “hey, buy our $180 phone to stick it to the big guys!” There are a couple of problems with that: 1) They promoted themselves as a Canadian company and never clarified whether the $180 was CAD or USD – it turns out it was USD. 2) They promoted it as a “$180 phone” when in fact they only intended to offer it at that price for the first 500 backers. The price increased to $240 USD after that (nearly $300 CAD).

    This was a bait and switch in a multitude of ways. Also, there are a number of much better phones available in Canada for ~$300 CAD that are far better than what frank. was offering, which undermined the last point they built their case on: relative affordability.

  • h2oflyer

    What did you expect from a supposed 17 yr old.


    There is ZERO need for this phone to exist. There are 100’s of better looking, higher spec’d smartphones that come out of Asia that work on all of the Big 3 Carriers. A quick google search of coolicool will prove why The Frank Phone is nothing special.

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    They burned any goodwill they had already, so they might as well die off. no point in having them

  • vn33

    Hey Mo, to be honest, just go apply for OSAP and try to finish school first.

    Nothing wrong with trying to be an entrepreneur when you’re young, but when you try to pull a quick one, you will be harshly judged.

    • h2oflyer

      Good advice…but I see those guys just maturing in their quick buck ideas. They’ll be around in the future with something more polished.

  • NK

    I would just get a Moto G series phone and get some updates and support down the line if I was buying a sub $300 phone, or a Xiaomi international edition if interested in ROMS.

  • Nil

    We don’t care about another Chinese make with a fancy Canadian branding of a 17 yo lad. We all had fads when we hit puberty but the rest of the world just don’t care

  • Mo Dabbas

    Frank is dead. These guys should just admit it. They also should stop blaming others like Indiegogo and people criticism. They missed up, they tried to get a quick buck out of a phone sold on Alibaba and everyone saw their game. They should stop talking about molds and designs because they clearly didn’t do anything in that regard but tried to fool everyone they did. And yeah let’s be frank, they didn’t have a bad choice of language, they tried to lie to people and trick them into things they didn’t do (like the design and those goofy sketches they put on their campaign). And you’re phone is not cheap either.

    So my advice to them is to quit the project. It’s gone, and that bad reputation will be stuck on it. Go get something new, and this time don’t lie about it.

  • Léa Roswell

    Based on some knowledge I have from experience working closely with people who have worked with one of the creators, Fahd, for years, the fact that Frank was accused of serious misrepresentation and sneaky business methods is the most hilarious and karmic outcome ????????