Government of Ontario plans on introducing tougher distracted driving legislation


  • leDerp

    It’s all great to have the restrictions, but we need enforcement, instead of speed traps. Being in a slightly more elevated vehicle i see everyone. On their phone. All. The. Time.

    • Captain Pokemon

      Agree..I know many will disagree and will throw all kind of lame excuses but these drivers need to stop looking at their phones while driving.

  • Alex

    all convicted distracted drivers should drive manual cars. =D

    • leDerp

      meh, honestly i drive manual and if i want to use my phone i can. i just decide that it’s not worth it and nothing is really that important for me to put myself and others at risk.

  • I’ve seen a bunch a drivers looking down at the intersection when the traffic light is red and also seen some drivers driving with one hand on the phone clearly making a phone call. It’s so dangerous. The government isn’t doing enough to crack down on distracted driving especially with regards to enforcing the laws.

    • leDerp

      You don’t even understand how bad it is… i commute everyday and i’m from a higher vantage point so i can see the people trying to “hide” what they’re doing too… it’s pretty much a 1:4 car ratio minimum of people in their phones. And i’m being conservative

  • Anonymous Agent

    I see Police officers driving distracted all the time everyday while driving and being busy on their onboard Computers, will this new legislation include them as well with licence suspensions as well. Only fair they’d be included in this legislation and be countable as well. They shouldn’t be above the law. They kill lots of people as well in preventable accidents

    • Travis (Barrhaven)

      Anyone who has taken the proper course and operates an emergency vehicle, which includes police, paramedics, and those that are registered blood and organ delivery services are still exempt.

    • Anonymous Agent

      They shouldn’t be exempt, they cause the same kind of accidents in many death incidents as well. The law should be followed by everyone including the police, they aren’t above the law. Peoples lives are at risk which is exactly why this distracted Law is in place in the first place. There is no real need for them to be playing on their computers while driving. They should be focusing on their driving like everyone else.

    • Crazy Legs™

      You’re right, they aren’t above the law. The law is specifically written to exempt them, therefore they are acting within the law.

      Sometimes as emergency services, we need to be able to communicate with our peers and dispatchers to safely and effectively do our jobs. This should always be done in as safe a manner as possible. For example, I use my radio to make short communications with dispatch. If I need to program my GPS, I pull over.

    • Anonymous Agent

      Just last night a Ottawa Police officer was playing on his onboard computer and was involved in a 2 car very bad accident. Other Driver is in serious condition as reported on the news. See this distracted driving rules should include Police officers no matter what as well. Peoples lives are at risk. Now that other Driver has to live in suffering because of the careless Ottawa Police officer being distracted on his laptop.

  • TechRanger

    Can anyone elaborate on : “Interestingly enough, both handheld and hands-free devices can qualify someone for a distracted driving penalty.” ? Does this mean that the factory installed hands-free feature in my vehicle is now somewhat useless since I can’t use it any more? If that’s the case, none of these devices/features should be allowed to be sold. Some activities like reading anything texts or otherwise require too much focus off of the road which is much more likely to cause accidents however talking while driving is no different then talking to passengers, in fact some may be more distracted talking to their children(and getting them to calm down or stop fighting lol). Drivers should be taught how to deal with distractions responsibly(e.g. pull over etc) Responsibility needs to remain with the driver – they need to understand that focus on the road comes first! You can’t completely legislate against behavior such as carelessness, ignorance and stupidity! These people should have never been able to pass their driver’s licenses in the first place and unfortunately, if they cause an accident or chaos they will need to own up to it and deal with the consequences which should be proportionately severe!

  • Crazy Legs™

    Seize their phone. Hold it for 24 hours for the first offence. 72 for the second offence. A week for the third. Maybe, just maybe, then people will learn that it’s not worth it to be on your phone when you drive.