Apple reveals AirPower charging mat


  • Marshall Davidson

    I can just see it. The next thing the company will be doing is removing any form of wired/connected charging in favour of this nonsense.
    I know few people who use or would really care for ‘wireless charging’ Its just another gimmick

    • Ya I feel the same way about wireless charging. I think I’ve purchased 3-4 wireless chargers and I barely use them. I use it the most when I’m at the office because its the only charger i have lol.

      Like David said, now that Apple is involved this will open the doors to a better market

    • John Lofwire

      Well at the speed iphone charge currently having them using QI wont slow it down anyway so why not..

    • thereasoner

      It’s quite convenient for top ups actully and now fast wireless charging docks exist as well.

  • David Markx

    Having furniture and restaurants with readily available wireless charging pads work with all your devices is the future.

    Now that the iPhone backs Qi there’s some serious money to be made which will benefit Android users as well.

    • John Lofwire

      Almost every wireless charging enabled device already support QI charging lol.

      Sorry but having apple on board wont change much.

      Its funny on the other hand how some apple lover said they would bring a brand new tech where in fact they are using the same old one.

    • Mr Dog

      It already has changed a lot. lol

      Qi doesn’t have any sort of charging pads, only individual charging pads. Apple has already announced the first pad which allows free form devices to start charging. Which all other devices using Qi will benefit from as well as they develop the standard

    • thereasoner

      Ikea already does integrated charging pads, Starbucks started rolling them out in 2014 and many cars, even economy cars like my Civic already has one. As an Android user, I’ve been able benefit for quite awhile now.

      Still a far cry from the “truely wireless” charging from across the room iFans said was coming.