Essential Phone now available to pre-order in Canada via Telus

The Essential Phone is available for $290 on one of the carrier's two-year Premium Plus plans


  • will

    Pre-order was up for me since Monday….Late news Mobile Syrup

    • Dimitri

      They are always late on a few things. Even when I said this before, they claimed it was because they had “other” news to report.

  • SCD27

    I don’t see the $1,050 no contract option on their website? Can we definitely order it unlocked sim-free?

    • Tim

      Yeah, carriers don’t sell new phones outright until after 2-4 weeks of their release. Dumb move by them because I will never sign one of their ripoff contracts because it’s actually way cheaper to by it straight than to be scammed monthly for 2 years by them.

  • Tim

    $1,050? This phone is $700 in the states, even after conversion it should be only $900 in Canada. Definitely a no buy especially after they delayed it for so long with the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 right around the corner now.

  • Waibashi

    People should wait till December 1st before getting a new phone. Phones will have to be unlocked by the CRTC