Rogers files Supreme Court appeal to challenge copyright fees decision


  • Anonymous Agent

    That’s not gonna a work to well if users can simply use VPN services to mask their private data from ISPs

    • Jason

      They will next make the ISP give out names of people using VPN

    • Anonymous Agent

      Not possible. There’s lots of ways to keep all your data secure without anyone knowing if people are smart enough.

    • I think Jason was going to the rabbit hole of presumed guilt when it comes to VPN usage, which, to be honest, isn’t that far off from what these copyright troll lobby groups would want.

  • vn33

    This is one time that I agree with Rogers for its desire to charge fees!!

    • gremlin0007

      Agreed! I don’t like em but who’s going to pay for all that extra personnel and extra work hours? There should be “some” fees associated.

    • It’s Me

      Hopefully they inflate the fees and gouge Voltage like the do with their own customers.