CanCon Podcast Ep. 80: Would your company fire Google’s memo writer?

Google HQ logo on building

James Damore is a name no one in the tech world knew last week. The whole world knows it today, thanks to a 3,000-word memo published by the now-former google engineer.

The memo, which was originally shared a month ago, alleges a lot of things: that Google has an Ideological Echo Chamber; but also that inherent psychological differences between men and women are causing the diversity gap in tech. It’s that latter point that led the memo to go viral internally and then externally last week, leading Damore to be fired.

As the tech world struggles to keep up with the story, so too does Google, which ended-up cancelling a scheduled company-wide town hall just as our podcast was being recorded. The about-turn plays into the broad question of this week’s podcast: beset with questions of free speech and diversity of representation, is Google making the right choices?

Tune in as CanCon’s podcast crew – Rob Kenedi, TWG’s Entrepreneur in Residence and host of the amazing #smallrooms podcast, Erin Bury, Managing Director of Eighty-Eight, Patrick O’Rourke, MobileSyrup Senior Editor, and Douglas Soltys, BetaKit Editor in Chief – plays WSGD (What Should Google Do?).

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