Anker PowerCore 20100 portable battery charger now only $64 CAD


  • Ipse

    …or you can just get the Xiaomi Power Bank 2, same capacity, for 35$ with free shipping – Samsung cells inside. Deal or no deal? ????

    • zanzee

      This is a full USB type C able to charge a laptop. The xiaomi isn’t.

    • It will also charge your Mac book the slowest it can… 5V, 3A is 15 watts that is a really slow charge. It’s way better to get a USB C PD charger that can go to 9V, 12V, 14.5V and 20V they normally do about 1-3 Amps on those settings, also USB C PD can support up to 100 watts 20V 5A. Way better to find a battery that supports this now. USB C PD is the new standard that every manufacturer will adopt (Even apple did look at the cottage on their new USB C adapters, I can charge my Pixel and my Dell Latitude 7480 with this adapter)

      One charger to rule them all is the point 🙂

    • zanzee

      Oh for sure without a doubt I won’t argue it doesn’t support the higher voltages but it does support the full spec. The higher voltages are only optional. But to compare a non specusb C to this and expect it to be the same money just based on capacity is silly. I can’t wait till we live in a USB C PD world.

  • According to their chart this it only supports USB C at 5V/3A it does not support USB PD! Anyone else have any other information that it does? I need a battery that will charge via USB PD 5/9/12/20V and discharged using USB PD 5/9/12/20V.

    • So here is a better priced and larger USB C PD charger for anyone needing one.

      Aukey 30,000 mAh $61.99, supports USB C 5/9/12/14.5V but keep in mind this can’t go on a plane as 26,800 mAh is the biggest allowed on a plane (100wH)

    • Costa Minitsios

      Actualy it’s upto 160wh on some airlines (Air canada, Delta, United that I have checked so far on there websites). So this would be ok

    • Really? that’s awesome then, glad I bout the 30,000 mAh Battery then 🙂 I thought the 100Wh was a standard! Glad it’s not! 100 Wh was for AirTransat

    • Actually just checked Air Canada site And United sites and they say it’s 100 Wh unless it’s changed, Delta is 160 Wh which is a huge battery!!! LOL