Asus accidentally reveals upcoming ZenFone 4 devices on its website

The brand spilled the beans on itself


  • Omar

    “Accidently” leaked. Right, right. Question for ASUS… Why would somebody spend $750 CAD on an ASUS phone with a SD630 and old software when they can get the high end model of the OnePlus 5 for around the same price?

    • Charles Pauzé-Robert

      Or a Xiaomi MI6 for little less and is better than both this Asus phone and OP5

  • Ali

    How are such big companies “accidentaly” realeaseing their product’s on their websites. Somebody please explain.Some how reporters seem to be using words like “leak” and “accidently”alot (click bait I assume)and quite frankly its fracking annoying!

  • heynow00

    They leaked a phone that was already released in July?