Amazon reportedly nearing deals to open offices in Toronto and Vancouver


  • Shobha Bae

    Absolutely horrible & miserable treatment of its warehouse workers in their Mississauga & Brampton warehouse. They hire through a temping agency called SMX-Staff Management.

    Rude, Arrogant & Verbally abusive managers & supervisors. Both the Amazon management & SMX employment agency management, treat these warehouse slaves in Mississauga & Brampton like crap.

    Insane targets & workloads are given for picking, packing, receiving, stocking & shipping products. US style ruthless management in Amazon Canada. Mostly immigrants are hired for these warehouse type jobs in Mississauga & Brampton, so they can be exploited. Ministry of labour needs to thoroughly investigate this place.

    Think twice before working for Amazon Canada, or even shopping their if you believe in fair & ethical treatment of its workers.

  • mike m

    these kind of jobs are always mistreated in any country. unions should help