Switch sells 4.7 million consoles as Nintendo’s profits surge


  • Rev0lver

    Nintendo’s dead!! This won’t sell!!! Give me Generic FPS 25 and Mountain Dew bro!

    • Ricky Bobby

      I was told here that people buy consoles because of the system specs

      I’m going to buy the Xbox One X because of the specs. Destiny 2 on the Xbox One X is going to be glorious with the blazing FPS I’ll be getting because of the system specs

    • Just this week I did a search on “Nintendo Switch DOA” to reconfirm that many people were predicting Nintendoom.

  • imagine if they were able to supply stores with units

    • LeTricolore

      If you’re looking to buy one, I’d suggest checking online. They’re pretty easy to find within a few days now. Either Amazon, or Best Buy would be your best bets.

    • No I already have one 🙂 but online they usually get stock once every 2-3 weeks and they disappear a few minutes after. Typical nintendo lol

    • Ricky Bobby

      As much as people gripe about Nintendo doing this intentionally, Nintendo Switch uses NAND. There’s a big list of hot ticket items that also use NAND which is causing a worldwide shortage and price increases for various items like RAM/SSD/Cell Phones

  • Ricky Bobby

    Imagine that, a console with a release date in March is selling at a record pace

    Last I checked, the calendar doesn’t say November or December?

    • It’s funny that people think you can only sell a product at it’s traditional time. Especially a product with a built in fan base that will buy day 1 no matter when it is. (Or how crappy the product is, like the Wii U I skipped.)