Waze is now available on Android Auto


  • Discostuuu

    Anyone been able to get thus working yet?

    • alexb88

      Doesn’t even work in my dash unit.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Yes I notice that. It’s not an option on the Android Auto app itself when it puts the phone into car mode. Perhaps once I tether it to my vehicle it’ll pop up as an option. Also, I haven’t noticed any update to the Android Auto app itself lately so not sure if that’s an issue as well for some users.

  • 3ygy8w8a

    How good is Waze in Canada? If I understand the app correctly it needs large community support to be really good – and the community is a bit lacking here.

    • Patrick Cuyegkeng

      Canada is pretty dang big, so you’ll need to narrow down your generalization a little bit. In Toronto it’s pretty great, but we’re also very population dense. I’m guessing there is less crowd sourcing of data going on in Yellowknife, but how good it is for you will really depend on where you are.

    • Todd Moore

      It’s decent in Edmonton, not GREAT tho

    • LeSaint

      It’s not bad in Quebec City, and pretty good in Montreal.

  • SmellyOaf

    I would have liked to move from Maps to Waze, if it had lane advice. It’s important to navigate the GTA highways for me.
    Am I right in saying this still hasn’t been done in Waze?

    • Todd Moore

      You are correct

  • Might be reason enough to make my next phone an Android. Apple’s Carplay won’t be supporting Waze anytime soon

  • Mark Konov

    you can get waze from navtool