Google begins rolling out suggested sharing and suggested libraries in Photos

Google Photos on phone

Google has announced that it will begin rolling out a series of new features to Photos this week.

Announced back at Google’s I/O conference back in May, Photos will soon be able to offer suggested sharing and shared libraries.

Suggested sharing uses machine learning to automatically scan photos to identify pictured people and suggest recipients accordingly. Shared libraries, meanwhile, lets users send and receive either parts of an photo library or the entire collection altogether.

Suggested sharing

You’ll be able to see all of your Google Photos sharing activity under the ‘Sharing’ tab, including photos and videos that have been sent and received. As well, personal suggestions can be seen at the top of the screen, all based on your sharing habits and those pictured in the photos.

You’ll also be able to share with anyone — even if they don’t use Google Photos — by using their email addresses or phone numbers.

Shared libraries

To let others see your photo collection, go to the menu bar in the top left of the screen, select “Share your library” and enter the intended recipient’s email address. You’ll also be able to choose which specific photos are sent or limit images to those taken during a certain time period.

Once the recipient accepts the invitation, he’ll be able to see all shared photos, as well as receive any new images taken in the future. The recipient can then choose to save all photos or only those of certain people.

Google Photos is available on the web, as well as a free app on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Google