LG G6+ is an updated G6 with 128GB storage and 6GB of RAM


  • Dimitri

    Wow LG. You made everyone buy the G6 and now release the same one but updated version not even 2 months after the G6 came out. Shows alot. Also if I got a G6, I would be more pissed off that LG didn’t release this before hand. What is LG thinking..

    • Garrett Cooper

      “You made everyone buy the G6”

      Lol, doubt that’s true. I know two people who have one.

    • Dimitri

      Yes but they bought the G6 without knowing this. Now they could have waited for this but LG as always screws up. Seems from the comment Zach made, it won’t be coming to Canada. Seems like LG Canada doesn’t want to bring anything here that’s good.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I get your point, and agree with it. Sony has a bad track record of it as well.

    • Zach Gilbert

      Doesn’t look like it will be making it’s way to Canada anyway. Sad, but true.

    • CodyS

      I mean… I got an amazing deal on the G6 and I’m not salty whatsoever. Sorry to say that audiophiles don’t listen to music on smartphones. We also don’t know where this phone will even be available.

    • Roger

      Same here. I got my G2 early May for almost $0 so I’m not complaining. Still a very good phone.

  • Max Power

    128gb is pointless when you have an SD card.

    • Bruce Wayne

      128 GB is UFS 2.1 storage.

    • John Lofwire

      128 gb is not pointless when you are a gamer like me.

      most games wont install to SD unless its adopted as internal memory wich is not possible on lg and samsung devices..

  • bigshynepo

    Does it still have the same 3300 mah battery driving all this power?

    If so, expect to only get 6 hours of life out of it before having to borrow your friends’ Blackberry Keyone.

    • Garrett Cooper

      The troll is strong in this one….

    • John Lofwire

      indeed and blackberry keyone is very much underpowered phone.

      Each phone have different usages need.
      Pretty sure the blackberry keyone is made for office use and social media usages.
      LG G6 and such are made to be as fast as possible with powerful GPU for games.

      Try playing World of tank blitz with all graphic turn to max on the keyone… its be funny.

    • bigshynepo

      The Keyone isn’t underpowered at all, it’s perfectly balanced for power and battery life. It isn’t a flagship and doesn’t claim to be but you’re right, it would choke a bit on the most processor intensive gaming. It’s screen isn’t exactly the biggest for gaming on either. but as you mentioned, gaming is not the priority of the user this phone is sold to.

  • Richard A Murray

    Frustrated. Left OnePlus because a few months after they released the OnePlus 3, they came out with the 3T, a superior phone to its predecessor by a mile. And now LG has just done the same thing with their G6. And, like the OnePlus, there won’t be an upgrade option. I’m not a Samsung or Apple fan, but at least they have the courtesy to offer both of their current models at once

  • 9998

    Press release doesn’t mention RAM bump. Other news outlets reporting G6+ remains at 4 gigs of RAM.

  • Hamid

    Any idea of when Canadian G6s will get the firmware update? The LG article said it’s dependent on location and I’m guessing also carrier.

    • Roger

      Probably won’t happen until winter going by the carriers’ history.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Have you owned any of the devices you’re mentioning? Being that you’re apparently an “informed consumer”/ I’ve been using a G5 for about 4 months after my Sony Z5 got water damaged. My Z5 had fantastic battery life, and my G5 is pretty close. You seem terribly uninformed here.

    • bigshynepo

      Alright, since you asked for it..
      Techradar – “My main sticking point with the LG G5 is its battery life”
      Digitaltrends – “weak battery life is something we noted in our LG G5 review”
      Gsmarena – “The bad news is the battery life is still as unimpressive as before”
      Anandtech – “The G5’s battery life when running the real-world workloads in PCMark is again average at best”

      And the list goes on – do your own googling instead of trying to discredit perfectly accurate comments. As for your “Have you ever owned…” question – I have had extensive hands on time with the G5 as it’s my best friend’s phone but I personally haven’t seen a phone coming out of LG that I needed to own myself (although the Jason Statham commercial was great).

    • Garrett Cooper

      Great, so you read a bunch of reviews, congrats. I own one, and in comparison to all the other phones I’ve owned, it’s alright for battery life. Not great, but few phones are. I get a day with solid usage out of it, which is my main goal. The fast charge is great as well. But thanks for providing a comment on a phone you’ve never personally used.

    • bigshynepo

      I trust my close friend and his first hand experience more than you, some random internet user. Enjoy your mediocre battery life. My phone’s on 76 hours since last charge, time to finally go plug it in. Next time, think twice before calling someone a troll when all the evidence on the internet supports their comment.