Android Auto and CarPlay now available on all 2016 Ford Sync 3-compatible vehicles


  • ineptone

    Finally. I’ve been driving my Ford Store Service Manager nuts since January about this update for the sole purpose of having Android Auto. But now after using Sync 3 for the last six months I don’t know that I need, or will even use, Android Auto.

    • gremlin0007

      It depends on how extensive your consumer tech is. I have a whole home automation system set up so I love that I can control it from my Google assistant on Android Auto. Live traffic is also a lot better than the Sync 3 nav system. Also like the fact that I can just say “Ok Google, play X on Spotify” The search system for google maps is way more intuitive than Sync 3’s. I’ve had it on my 2017 Ford Escape since last year but the assistant only came about a month ago which was a whole game changer for me. Google Assistant also connects to IFTTT so the possibilities are endless.

  • Jonathan

    Still waiting for Mazda to release theirs. There’s a hack for it, but it kills Bluetooth. Not into that. Not worth it. Hopefully Mazda puts out the official one in the next few months.