New Google Job listing indicates tech giant has further virtual reality ambitions


  • Smanny

    “All-in-one virtual reality headsets have several advantages over those that are powered by a smartphone, including increased power, better resolution and additional sensor technology related to hand-tracking and room-scale.”

    The better resolution is actually better on the current high resolution smartphones, than the current expensive Vive’s and Rift’s. Just look at the Rift and Vive both have 2160×1200 resolution displays. Or better yet 1080×1200 per eye. The Pixel XL, and S7 have a resolution of 2560×1440, or 1280×1440 per eye.

    As far as the increased power and additional technology related to hand tracking and room scale is concerned. That is true. However that is changing. It started with Daydream introducing a 9-axis controller with its platform. Giving the users some degree of spacial awareness to Daydream. Not to mention it’s really fast and accurate sensors for head tracking make it fast and smooth. Also Qualcomm has shown off a developer VR/AR/MR headset that will be available at the beginning of the summer for around $500 USD. This headset has two front facing cameras to track objects in front of the headset as well as track your hands. But it also has two cameras on the inside to track your eyes as well, to see where the user is actually looking. This adds another dimension not found currently on any VR headsets. Plus Qualcomms VR headset is completely wireless and standalone. If I would have known everything that I know now at this timeframe. Then I wouldn’t have bought the Oculus Rift that I currently own, and the Vive is in the same category. Especially with the cost and additional setup and configuration involved. I Also have the PS VR, an array of Cardboard headsets, Gear VR, and Daydream View.

    No wonder why Facebook is doubling down on mobile VR versions like the Gear VR (Oculus), and Google with their Daydream, and Cardboard versions already command the largest market share by a mile. It’s still anyone’s game, but Desktop VR versions will only be a niche, because of the price, setup, and being locked to a specific location or room.