Here’s why the S8 likely won’t feature an embedded fingerprint sensor in its display

Galaxy S8 front

One of the most discussed leaks surrounding the S8 is that the phone is reportedly set to feature an embedded fingerprint sensor located in its front display. If true, this would make the upcoming flagship the first smartphone with optical fingerprint recognition.

However, recently, rumours surfaced that the S8’s fingerprint sensor is instead tipped to be placed on the back of the device instead, though there might be a specific reason for this reported change.

Recent reports indicate that optical fingerprint technology is still nascent, and despite testing the embedded fingerprint sensor, Samsung saw “frustrating” results, according to a rumours stemming from SamMobile

Despite extensive testing and development, Samsung eventually had to start manufacturing the S8, and reportedly moved the sensor to the rear of the device.

As a result, Samsung is more likely to market the phone’s iris scanning and facial recognition features to distract from its lack of an embedded fingerprint sensor. It’s unknown whether this technology will be used in future Samsung flagships.

Samsung’s S8 is coming off a disastrous year with its failed Note 7 flagship. It’s upcoming release will likely be an attempt to redeem some the lost brand value as a result of that event.

Source: SamMobile