Oculus’ rocky 2017 continues following the closure of hundreds of Best Buy demo stations


  • Shogun

    Don’t recall how much this went for exactly however i think it was over $1000 and for that price point it’s exceptionally expensive and truly a niche product. Until prices come down to half that at least these won’t catch on.

  • Norm Osgood

    Will never buy anything owned by Zuckerberg. I feel guilty using Facebook, but it’s the only way to stay in touch with distant relatives.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Exactly, more reason to boycott it because of Zuckerberg not Palmer Lucky.

      Bottom line…VR is a niche market. That’s it.

  • AdamC284

    I can tell you we still have our Oculus demo station at the Ottawa West store.

  • Smanny

    The entire picture should be given.
    Gear VR August 2015 included free with some phones, or $120.
    Oculus Rift release date March 2016, $1100 without PC, and controllers (at the time)
    HTC Vive release date April 2016, $1500 without PC.
    PS VR release date mid October 2016 $600 without PS/4.
    Daydream VR mid December 2016 included free with some phones, or $99.

    BTW other sites have said that the Gear VR has out sold them all. Which makes sense considering its price. Not to mention being include free with the purchase of some Samsung smartphones. The same is true for some Daydream View headsets.

    The Rift and Vive will always be niche. I own the Rift myself. I also own PS VR, Gear VR, a number of different Cardboards, and now Daydream VR as well. Mobile VR is becoming really good these days and at affordable prices. Not to mention the portability and ease of setup. Plus with some mobile VR systems, like the Gear VR and Daydream VR, they can now play Steam VR games as well. Not to mention all the existing Cardboard VR content as well. So I can see why a number of analyst are saying that mobile VR will command and control the largest percentage of the VR/AR market.