The price is right with Lenovo’s thin new Yoga A12 2-in-1


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  • MXM4K

    While I commend them in achieving the super thin profile, I just can’t stand touch sensor based keyboards. I’ve tried them on the old Surface Pro 1 & 2 touch type keyboards, and the lack of tactile feedback definitely throws you off.

    However, if you can manage that style of keyboard, this looks like a nice device.

    • Shogun

      Have to agree. I think the tactile feel on a device like this is pretty important but if you’re used to touch screen like typing it may not matter much.
      I’ve used Yoga computers before and honestly can’t say they’re bad devices at all compared to a lot of crap on the market.

    • ChrisPollard77

      Exactly. It’s a touch typist’s nightmare. But for the hunt and peckers out there, it would be just fine, I’m sure.

      Honestly though, I wouldn’t consider this without the pen and Windows. The pen feature is what makes it great for drawing/design on the go. It would be better if the digitizer was right in the screen, a la Surface Pro though. But there’s a price to pay for that …

    • Smanny

      The pen would have been great, but that price of $299 with a Wacom tablet as well. I don’t think so, especially when you see those alone going for more that $299.

      Also with the vibration turned on for every key press can give a slight sense of pressing on the keys.

    • Russ

      For me, the challenge of touch-based keyboards is the inability to rest my fingers on the keys between strokes, and the lack of bounce-back that propels you up and to the next key. Although perhaps this keyboard is pressure-sensitive, in which case I might be able to get used to that.

      Still, I have no interest in this as an Android device when Chrome OS is looking more and more interesting.

  • Philosoraptor

    I’d prefer this in Win10 (or Linux) flavour, as the keyboard is non-removable. I’ve tried “desktop” Anddroid builds in the past and it’s just the wrong OS (for now) for this form factor.

  • Smanny

    Other leaks have mentioned that the UI on this A12 has multitasking split screen. So most likely it has Nougat, or their hybrid split screen built on top of Marshmallow.

  • Morgan Leigh

    I so wanted to pull the trigger on a Yoga Book, but it’s so $$$ … This might be attainable!

  • Garrett Cooper

    Looks sweet, especially for the price. I don’t need one, but I want one lol. Great battery life too.

  • Andrew Brown