Roam Mobility brings back one year expiry for all SIMs


  • Chris M.

    Too bad their service has become almost unusable. I don’t know what they did, but every time I’ve used it whether in Buffalo, Florida or anywhere else in the US over the past 6-ish months, service has been spotty inconsistent and at times, simply not functional.

    On my last trip to Florida, I saw my phone was on T-Mobile and not working well, but after becoming fed-up tried an actual T-Mobile SIM and had zero issues. So clearly something’s changed as I never had this happen when I first started with Roam.

  • ChrisPollard77

    I had used them for years, mainly because of their one-year expiry cycle. When they went to 6 months I let it lapse and picked up an AT&T card state-side. I get better coverage with AT&T, starting right at the US border, where I had about an hour and a half of dead zone with T-Mobile before getting coverage. But now the question is will it be worth adding a plan every three months to keep that SIM active. There still aren’t many great options for those who travel south on a regular basis, but with long gaps between trips.

    • Twice

      Old, but: what card do you use for AT&T? I’ve tried Roam for years and last time used TMobile directly but there are too many dead zones in SoCal for me and I’d like to try AT&T.

  • MassDeduction

    If you reach out to them, they may send you a free SIM if you explain the situation. Like you say, the new policy was clearly not working for them (hence changing it back), so they know people were upset/frustrated/otherwise dissatisfied. It’s probably worth what little time it would take to send them an email.

    • Tom A

      yeah at this point its not worth the effort. I was on Rogers at the time but didn’t have Roam like home so the US fees were insane. Now I am on public mobile so I can just sign up for an $8 for 10 day US texting plan and be all set without having to worry about swapping sims.

    • MassDeduction

      Yeah, agreed. Public Mobile’s U.S. roaming plans are surprisingly competitive. I use several different roaming options, depending on where I’m going and how long my stay is, and Roam is still in the mix for me, at least for now.