Microsoft Canada announces Holiday Super Sale


  • Connor

    Refurbished surface devices are on sale too

    • MassDeduction

      Thanks! I’ll have to check That out. 🙂

  • XY

    399 for the 950 XL is a good deal.

  • Omar

    I’ve been using my Lumia 650 for a month, got it for $99 during their Black Friday event.

    I would stay away from the 950 or 950XL. While the price for the hardware you’re getting is good, the OS just isn’t there yet. I wanted to like Windows 10 Mobile. And in some respects, I do. But I wouldn’t invest hundreds of dollars into it yet. It’s still too…. ‘simple’. And outside of your start screen, it’s kind of ugly. Everything is either black or white. WhatsApp, Twitter, and Skype Preview (the only version of Skype available) are extremely stripped down versions of their Android/iOS counterpart. They either have black or white backgrounds. Edge is buggy, and scrolling down a page too fast often ends up activity the ‘go back’ gesture (swipe left to right) which is so annoying. Outlook looks nothing like the Android version, just black with white text (or white with black text). You can’t even select more than one email when deleting them. I can’t seem to get voice activation for Cortana to work. It works on my OnePlus One though. When playing music, of you want to use any music controls, you either have to go to Groove itself or go to the lockscreen, unlike on Android or iOS where you can do this from the notification menu. Also, pulling down the notification menu itself is kind of buggy. Not as smooth as it should be, though this might be the phone. And the Map app is nothing like Google Maps. I take the bus a lot so I used Google Maps to check bus stop schedules. Can’t do that with this app.

    I’m not going to complain about the app gap, because that’s out of Microsoft’s control. But I will say there’s no actual reason to get a Windows phone with NFC at the moment. Literally no ‘tap to pay’ apps available to Canadians in the Microsoft App Store. The lack of Google apps does take time to get used to.

    I like the home screen. It looks good, it’s simple as well, but in a good way. Being able to pin albums to it, for example, is at lease some compensation for lack of notification menu control. The phone itself is definitely a $99 phone. I wouldn’t buy it at it’s current price ($199). But it’s a nice little phone.

    I think I would rather use $399 to invest in an Android phone if I was looking upgrade, to be honest. Newegg is having som good sales on phone last time I checked.

    Okay this post ended up way longer than I expected. Sorry for the essay 😛

    • MassDeduction

      What version of Windows 10 Mobile are you on? Are you still on “Threshold” (the launch version), or the “Anniversary Update” (the far more features rich version, think of it as Windows 10.1), or are you on the Preview program (think of that a an early look at release 10.2)? You can easily delete multiple emails in Outlook on all of them though, just tap the left hand side of the screen in the app (or look for an icon at the bottom that shows checkmarks in front of several lines). Also, voice activation with Cortana works for me, perhaps there’s something wrong with your language settings (they have to be entirely Canada, or entirely U.S., or entirely UK, etc… a mix won’t work)? And I don’t do it a lot because I can control my music from my Microsoft Band, but can’t you control the music by tapping a volume button to bring up music controls? I’ll have to check.

    • Omar

      This was a good post and actually makes me feel kind of stupid right now lol.

      I’m running 10.0.14393.576. The phone was purchased on Black Friday and I received an update for it a coupe of days ago, so this is the latest version outside of developer previews.

      I really should dig deeper into the OS. You’re right about two (probably three) of my issues with it.

      I have been using this phone for almost three weeks and I just noticed that checkmark/list button on the Outlook app. Thanks for mentioning it.

      The music controls do appear when pressing the arrow buttons. I just blame habit for this lol… using Android for such a long time I have gotten used to pulling down the notification menu to get access to music controls. Still slightly annoying having to lower or raise the volume to get access to it, but it’s there so I can’t really complain.

      As for Cortana, I have Cortana Language set to English (Canada) and under the Languages menu in settings, English (Canada) is active for phone language, regional format, and speech. But it still doesn’t work unless I hold the press the ‘search’ button first. I’ll play around with language settings tomorrow and see if it works.

    • Mike R

      You need to open settings in Cortana.. You have to enable her then another option to train her to only respond to your voice.. Set your options to respond even when phone is idle.. You never never need to push any buttons.. She will open when you say Hey Cortana.. Your missing out on a lot … Try this and you will be totally impressed as to what she can do.. Further more if you have Bluetooth in your auto she can send and receive all your texts without having to touch your phone… Windows 10 is way under rated.. As people we don’t do well with change.. Try live outside the Andriod box for a while.. You may even enjoy it

    • Mike R

      You may need to update your device.. Join the Insiders’ and all your issues should disappear..I have the 950 and his big brother and i can tell you they run very smooth with none of the hiccups you mentioned… I will give you the 650 is nice to look at but its kinda like a $99 Android Device..You get what you payed for…Its a shame your user experience is not to the standards you had hoped..Sent from my Windows Phone 10

    • yadeed

      I am in the FAST ring.. same problems, this phone maybe $99 but was sold originally for $199. I updated it, and lost the FM radio and now got now 3rd party inferior FM radio app that are worst than the original and cannot even record. Unable to install: 10.0.14393.477…. so skip that one and install 10.0.14393.479 but now cannot install 10.0.14977.1000… 0x800700b7 error. Battery goes real fast, cannot copy from outlook to notes… their capabilities are very limited.

    • Mike R

      Your playing with fire in the fast ring…Install Microsoft Recovery tool on your PC and unfortunately your going to have to start from scratch.. Then install Windows insiders program on your phone.. Follow the instructions and chose Preview only.. This build is stable and fully functional..

    • Omar

      Oh I get that phone is a budget phone, It was a $99 phone and even though I complained I will probably keep it as a spare, or to play around with future Windows Mobile updates. I used it for what phones in this price range (entry level) are meant to be, as a introduction to the ecosystem.

      The device is running the latest Windows 10 official update, which was updated a couple of days ago if I remember correctly. I could try the developer previews, but I am using this phone as my everyday phone at the moment.

      I’m sure I would have a smoother experience with either one of the 950 or 950XL. It’s just that as of right now I don’t think Windows 10 Mobile has enough to offer to get me to fully abandon Android.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Microsoft to fail. Much like Canada needs a fourth national carrier, I think the smartphone market needs a third player. IMO Google, and especially Apple, are becoming complacent. Microsoft could shake things up. So while I probably won’t be using my Lumia 650 after January 1st (I promised myself to use the device for the month of December) I hope that development for W10 Mobile continues and they don’t give up on it.

      Since I will probably go back to my OPO at the end of the year, maybe I’ll check out the insiders program come January. I appreciate the suggestion.

    • Elky64

      Will agree on “the OS isn’t just there yet” front.

      Had the 650 but three days in a hardware issue forced me to return in hope of an exchange. Although not a powerhouse, due to OS, we were actually starting to like it especially compared to my 830. Display was much nicer, design more appealing, thiner and the capacitive back button actually worked unlike the flaky one on my 830.

      For me WP/WM hasn’t been all that kind, owned four and on everyone there was a hardware issue that either required a physical fix or we lived with it such as the 830s capacitive back button, reminded of that one every day. My bad luck I suppose yet can’t say the same has ever occurred with the competition which accounts for many more… Tis 5 of the reasons I’m reluctant to jump on the 950/XL deals, the fifth being the OS.

    • Omar

      I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any hardware issues. I like the phone, for what it is. I got it specifically to give Windows 10 Mobile a look. But outside of the start menu, there isn’t much to offer to keep me away from Android at this point. There’s always a chance that changes in the future, and I figure Microsoft is waiting to release the inevitable Surface Phone before pushing a game-changing update, which may not be the best idea – too little, too late?

      If I had that much ‘bad luck’ with Windows phones – or with any OEM for that matter – I’d definitely be wary of purchasing their flagship. Though I think the odds of having hardware issues with a flagship should (in theory) be lower. We’ll see what the Surface Phone has to offer but I’m sure it’s going to cost $1300 CAD anyway so it doesn’t really matter, I guess lol…

    • Elky64

      It’s tempting but because we don’t live close to a Microsoft Store and on-line stock is depleted we don’t have to worry too much about diving in now LOL.

      Just waiting to see what Microsoft is going to do about my defunct 650 that lasted only 3 days, being there is no stock in site they may choose to refund me rather than exchange which will have me up in arms to say the least… Spent a few bucks on accessories so we stand to lose out there if that’s the case.

      Although the 650 was no powerhouse we were starting to enjoy it in the short period of owning yet the OS was still a crippling factor. Screen was awesome, nice design and battery didn’t seem all that bad. One annoyance is that screen flash/flicker we have on our 830, was very surprised to see it on the 650 too with it actually being considerably worse.

      Either way we have our G4 and S7 to fall back on so all’s good.

    • Elky64

      Got another 650 from a different source, working good so far we’re really liking it, design and feel playing a bigger role rather than the actual OS itself. Then stupid me we bought a 950, speedier and very much usable but IMO still not where it should be. In the end just a couple more toys in our arsenal to play with lol.

    • MoYeung

      Use Google Map to check bus stop schedules instead of your local transit’s own website?

  • Ali F.

    On black friday I bought the 950, 950XL, and the display dock all for about $740 (tax included). They are still sealed and I will return them soon. I want really to keep the 950 XL but could not sell the rest for a good price.