Peter Molyneux’s The Trail is now available in the Google’s Play Store

Peter Molyneux, the often verbose and exaggerating developer behind the the ‘god game’ genre, has released his latest mobile title, The Trail.

Following his last project, Godus, which ultimately evolved into an unfinished flop, Molyneux and his team at 22Cans are attempting to redeem their reputation via their latest title.

In the Trail, players walk from point A to B, starting their journey out as what seems to be a vagrant and slowly learning how to craft new gear and items, making it easier to move between camps. The game has reportedly been in testing for the last few weeks with early reviews being resoundingly positive.

Visually The Trail has a cartoony cel-shaded feel to it that’s refreshing in a mobile gaming industry full of titles that look very similar. Since the game is free-to-play it relies on in-app purchases, though in the roughly 10 minutes I’ve spent playing the game, I haven’t run into any yet.

Could this be Molyneux’s first solid title in years? It just might be, especially given the fact that he hasn’t hyped it up in interviews like he has with past games in the Fable series, Kinect’s Milo demo (developed during his time as the head of Lionhead Studios) and most recently Godus. There’s no word yet on whether 22Cans also plans to eventually bring the game to mobile as well.

Download The Trail in the Google Play Store for free. The game was first released for iOS and is also freely available on the App Store.