The Flo Smart Thermometer can take temperatures without even making contact

One year after its successful Kickstarter campaign, Hong Kong-based startup Zeraph is now launching its first product in North America: the Flo Contact-free Smart Thermometer.

The thermometer is notable for its non-invasiveness — to use it, all you have to do is hold it above your forehead and click the button. The information is then relayed directly to a mobile app that immediately reads out your temperature in your choice of celsius or fahrenheit. It also can be used without a phone, with the device displaying a colour that indicates the temperature range — green for normal, red for fever. Even the setup process is strikingly simple, requiring just the creation of a minimal profile.

After you’ve collected the information you can use several helpful tracking tools such as a chart that monitors temperatures taken over time and a camera feature that can be used to take a photo and overlay it with temperature, location and time.

These features, as well as the ease of use, make the device perfect for sick children, who can be notoriously hard to get a proper read on when it comes to taking temperatures the old fashioned way, either orally or through the ear.

“There is nothing more difficult than getting a sick child to fall asleep, so as parents, we never want to wake them back up,” said Eddie Cheung, co-founder of Flo.

“As fathers ourselves, we saw the need for a better solution to monitor the health of our children.”

Cheung was born in Hong Kong but studied software engineering in Canada, where a portion of his team is also located.

The device is available immediately for $49.99 USD (about $65.30 CAD) on the company’s website, zeraph.co. The accompanying mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch.

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