Motorola Moto G4 Play now available in Canada


  • Vito R.

    The size of this phone would be helpful – is it 5.5″?

    • Jesse

      I thought it was 5.5″

      EDIT: I was originally on the US site and it said 5.5″ but on the Canadian site is says 5″!

    • Accountthis

      refer to the second paragraph

      “and a 5-inch 1280 x 720 pixel resolution display.”

    • Mo Dabbas

      The play version is the small one at 5 inch. While the G4 plus comes at 5.5″

  • Eric King

    Is the storage expandable?

    • Brad Fortin

      Yes, up to 128 GB.

  • St. Misery

    Removable battery wooooo!

    • Andrew Wells

      Uh don’t think so…

    • moovyguy

      Nope not removable

    • St. Misery

      There’s an unbox video from Brazil on YouTube, looks removable to me

    • moovyguy

      Yep, my bad … was mixing it up with the g4 and g4 plus.

  • Pamda

    Suck g4 why don’t introduce moto droid 2

  • Gee Iannone

    I’m from the US and I got the Moto G 4 Plus, and from what I’ve been reading it seems like the Moto G 4 play is a better photo and a little cheaper! Figures… The Moto G 4 Plus is an amazing phone though. I love Moto’s!

  • moovyguy

    Except that Amazon. Com won’t ship it here as Amazon. Ca already sells it here at a much inflated price.

    Just bought the 64gig 4gig ram g4 plus on Amazon. Com for 299 us which converts to about 400 can and shipped it to the ups store in ogdensburg NY. I live in Ottawa so only a 40 min drive to pick it up.

    In Canada u cannot buy that version. The best u get is 32 gig 2 gig ram for the same-ish price

  • sajjad365

    Does anyone know if the phone is factory unlocked like the Nexus? Virgin is offering for $199 but I’m with Rogers. The Moto US site touts “unlocked Android smartphone” but there’s no mention of “unlocked” on the Moto CA site.

    • sajjad365

      Nvm, it’s locked to the carrier in Canada… ugh.

    • Joe Chemo

      $200 at Virgin but I guess that’s 1GB RAM / 8GB storage version. I’ll call them tomorrow to verify. If not too expensive to unlock online, this might be a good way to get an inexpensive phone that works well. (?) I just want a basic phone that’s reliable, not too big and removable battery.

  • sajjad365

    I want the G4 Play because of the 5″ screen. The 0.5 makes all the difference. It literally won’t fit in my pocket. I would wait for the Nexus 5X refresh which is supposedly smaller but too embarrassed to use Moto G (1st gen) with a cracked screen in public.

  • I have not one clue what would entice someone to buy this piece of trash. You can easily find new Moto G4’s going for around 200 dollars on Ebay or if want an even better device you can get a factory refurbished unlocked T Mobile LG G4 and it’ll be within spitting distance of the cost of this device. The LG G4 would be unlocked compatible with most if not all major carriers including Wind, has a better display, Snap 808 and even the ability to unlock the boot-loader if that what interests you about Motorola. Why would anyone ever buy this device that costs 250 dollars for a Snap 410 and a 720p display in 2016?

    • sajjad365

      Screen size is pocket friendly and some of us don’t have the time or patience or “boot-load”.

    • It took my 5 minutes to unlock the bootloader on my phone and the Moto G4 Play can bootloader unlock also. But again I own the Moto G4 Plus which is roughly the same size as the LG-G4 and experience no real issues with the size. Even if the size was an issue I simply couldn’t justify purchasing a device with a snap 410 with 720P display at 250 dollars even in Canada simply there is way to many better deals out there right now.

    • sajjad365

      For $200, this is the best deal. I’d rather buy a new phone every year than being stuck with a balloon payment for a more expensive device. Does the bootloader survive software updates?

    • Joe Chemo

      Why trash, are the specs that different from the G4? I like that the Play has removable battery.

      New Moto G4 for $200 dollars on Ebay means no warranty? Are they
      authorized dealers? I’d rather buy the Play from Virgin or whoever and
      get it unlocked, or does that void the warranty? (I’m not into paying for cell service here, I’ll use it with wifi and then sim card only when I travel.)

      Where can I get factory refurbished LG G4 for $200? By factory refubished you mean refurbished by LG and warranty with them? I’d be interested, but I’m not going to the U.S. to pick up a phone and don’t want to pay import fees either.

      It’s my first smartphone purchase so any advice would help. Not impressed with Staples offerings so far, mostly old phones or overpriced.

    • Joe Chemo

      No Gorilla glass and lesser processor are the spec differences I
      noticed. But would that matter for a light user? I just need WhatsApp, FB and e-mail really, plus some browsing but I’ll still be using my laptop mostly.

      The Play is C$ 200 at Virgin but then I’d have to pay to get it unlocked. I like that the Play has removable battery, it seems quite expensive to replace a built in battery.

      New Moto G4 for $200 dollars on Ebay means no warranty? Are they
      authorized dealers? Can you recommend a seller?

    • sajjad365

      I’m picking up the unlocked version from US tomorrow for USD $149 (on Amazon). Specs are more than plenty for light use.

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