Historical strategy game Rome: Total War is coming to the iPad

Rome Total War iOS

Well, this is an unexpected bit of news. Feral Interactive, know to OS X and Linux users for its excellent ports, has announced it’s bringing Rome: Total War, first released on PC back in 2004, to the iPad.

The first entry in the seminal grand strategy series to feature full 3D models, Feral has reworked Rome: Total War’s interface to work without a mouse and keyboard. Based on the limited amount of footage shown in the announcement trailer (seen below), it looks like the game works surprisingly well on a touch screen device, despite its complexity.

Feral hasn’t said exactly when the game will be available to download. Presumably, though, iPad owners won’t have to wait long to get their hands on this gem; while not the best entry in the series — my personal pick for that distinction is Shogun 2 — Rome holds up incredibly well, even after all these years.

On a side note, I remember when my dad and I built an Athlon 64 system so I could play games like Rome: Total War and WarCraft 3. I spent an entire summer saving up for a mid-tower PC and now you can play what was a very demanding game back in 2004, on a device the size of a mousepad.