Google doodle’d its support for NASA’s Juno mission all over its search page

Today, the world’s largest tech company showed its support for NASA’s mission to the solar system’s largest planet.

In typical Google fashion, the tech giant celebrated NASA’s Juno mission with an animated Doodle that links directly to search results about the Jupiter mission.

Juno, a spacecraft launched back in 2011, reached its destination in orbit around Jupiter today. The doodle depicts an animated crew jumping for job as Juno transmits celebratory emoji back to Earth.Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.39.06 AMBy clicking on the doodle, users will be taken to a search page where they can track the ship’s progress beginning with its launch in 2011 to its approach to Jupiter over the last few weeks.

This spacecraft was launched to find out more about Jupiter, though more details should be released at the end of Juno’s a 53-day orbit.

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