Huawei claims photo snapped with P9, actually shot from $3,500 camera

Smartphone cameras have become capable photography tools over the last few years, but something seemed off about Huawei’s recent claims regarding the P9’s shooter.

Huawei’s marketing department released the stunning image (found below), insinuating that it was shot with the P9 and that this level of photography quality is possible with the company’s latest smartphone. While it’s easy to get away with this trickery on most social media platforms, with Google+ searching a photograph’s metadata is as easy as expanding the image.


“The Huawei P9’s dual Leica cameras makes taking photos in low light conditions like this a pleasure,” reads the Google+ post.

In this particular case, the EXIF data reveals that the photograph was actually shot with a high-end Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR and a EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens as well.

The P9 features a dual-camera system that’s similar to what’s featured in LG’s G5 and rumoured to make its way to the next iteration of the iPhone. This dual-lens system, which features dual Leica-powered 12 megapixel cameras, reportedly snaps some of the best images ever taken with a smartphone.

The Canon EOS-5D Mark III sells for $3,499 a Henry’s in Canada and the EF70-200 f/2.8L IS II USM costs another $2,599.

Huawei recently deleted the photo following the backlash from customers and various mobile news focused websites. The company also released the following statement regarding the controversy:

It has recently been highlighted that an image posted to our social channels was not shot on the Huawei P9. The photo, which was professionally taken while filming a Huawei P9  advert, was shared to inspire our community. We recognize though that we should have been clearer with the captions for this image. It was never our intention to mislead. We apologize for this and we have removed the image.

The P9 isn’t officially available in Canada and Huawei has told us they have no plans to launch the handset here any time soon. It is, however, possible to get your hands on the P9 through eBay.

Image capture credit: Android Police

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