The Samsung Galaxy Surfboard is real

As part of its April Fool’s Day prank this year, Samsung joked about launching a “Internet of Trousers” — essentially a pair of pants that can send a notification, via a dedicated app, anytime their fly is left undone. Today, Samsung has unveiled a connected surfboard, and it’s definitely not a April Fool’s Day prank.

Created for Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina, the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard gives surfers the option to stay connected while catching a wave.

While it looks like an ordinary board, the Galaxy Surfboard features an LED display that lights up when a Galaxy S7 is slotted into its side. Once linked with an S7, the surfboard displays wind conditions, information on wave frequency and height and real-time notification from social networks like Twitter.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely Samsung plans to mass-produce the Galaxy Surfboard; instead, it mostly seems like the company built the board to showcase it’s latest pair of flagship smartphones.

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