Android N preview is now available, here’s what the new OS brings with it


  • TP

    ‘Messaging apps, for instance, will allow users to respond to a message directly from a notification card. ‘ Deja vu? Mobilesyrup reported this on April 30th 2015, and my family (who uses Google’s Messenger app) has been doing it all the time.

    • Claude Gohier

      Currently, the Messenger app opens an overlay for quick reply. In Android N, the quick reply is directly in the notification shade.

    • Jo

      You want to know the funniest thing about that? Blackberry 10 has been doing it since its second major update. lol

    • Abu Taalib

      Yep, I can be doing anything on my phone and when a message comes in I can reply from whatever i’m doing without leaving the screen or task at hand. I miss Blackberry 10 already. Most productive work phone i have ever used.

    • Sunny Lee

      …But you can do that in Android using the Messenger app.
      But at least now it’ll work for all messaging apps in Android (hopefully), not just text messages.

    • Jo

      I know, but the Blackberry system was a bit better. Still, can’t wait to see that!

    • Jo

      I do miss it too, mostly for the keyboard, but it was being so terrible in the end….

  • AndroidRootGuy

    Wow .. nice. Waiting for the binaries to flash on Nexus 5x…

  • Eddie_Brock

    Android is quickly running out of letters in the Alphabet for their OS!

    • Roger

      They still have another decade, give or take depending on the term between each version.

    • FlamesFan89

      And beyond that, is there any reason they can’t just restart the alphabet?

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      That would literally blow my mind.

  • Jeff Thibert

    Doesn’t Marshmellow already have split screen? It works on my Galaxy S2.

    • AMB_07

      It’s a feature that’s been on Samsung phones for years but now the default Android OS is getting it which means all Android devices running this version will have that feature.

  • Brad Fortin

    Good to see Android finally catching up on some features and advancing in others.

  • Gumbopudding

    Too bad things like doze just can’t be updated on its own. It the only feature that sounds interesting to me.

  • jay

    N like?????

    • Kickside01


    • Lukeiphone

      “Nasty”…as Trump would say it.

  • wildting2

    Android Nutbar (because Nutella is horribly overrated) :p

    • JTon

      I’m partial to Android Nougat