Leaked HTC One M10 image shows beveled edge back side


  • Ryan

    Can’t wait

  • Skippypaccino

    Looks better than the G5

    • Max Fireman

      Said no one ever.

    • Skippypaccino


    • Max Fireman

      Sorry I understood s7

  • St. Misery

    The spec announcements are starting to sound all alike:

    1440 x 2560 display
    4gb ram
    usb type c
    fancier camera than last year
    snapdragon 820

    • George Salcedo

      True but sense and Android usually play nice together and lag and stuttering are almost non existent.

    • Absolutely. Thats probably #1 reason why I ALWAYS preferred HTC’s. They’re always the most matured, polished smartphones.

    • Not true.
      The Galaxy S7 still uses the MicroUSB.
      Its camera isn’t exactly fancier than last year
      It will also be using the Exynos 8890 in some countries

  • Rob S

    HTC can only hope this does what the original One M7 did for them.

    • Iz3man

      I think (read hope) it does.. They got rid of the fisher price curves and bubble shapes and took it back to flat and smooth.

      With the axing (hopefully, won’t know till it’s out) of the ultra pixel garbage they might have a winner… Hopefully we can get a black version in Canada.. Hated my silver m7 until I swapped it to black.

  • NK

    They better ace the camera this time around..

    • Iz3man

      I have no problem with a 12 MP Camera so long as it’s a god damned megapixel and not a ultra pixel garbage they gimp ed all the other m line phones with..

    • JP

      The issue with the UltraPixel camera wasn’t the UltraPixel part, it was because it was only 4 UP, it had major issues with detail and clarity. Upping it to 12 UP should fix that problem just fine.

    • stephen

      The lack of Optical Image Stabilization also really hurt it too, its not just the amount of megapixels/ultrapixels that count.

  • Iz3man

    I like it, a more appropriate successor to the m7..

    I’ve been very disappointed with the g5 and the s7.. Maybe the m10 will be my Note 4 replacement… Or my m7 replacement.

    • willy

      I think that I’ll stick with my note 4 until we see what the note 6 will be …. Hopefully It gets the 2.5 pixel size for the camera and maybe they’ll have the new VR with the type C as well as 4K with the lager size battery , here’s hoping …

  • Mo Dabbas

    This image makes the device look promising in terms of design.

  • With these specs, sounds like they can load both Android and Windows.

  • jay

    Honestly from all android devices the HTC was always the best. Software I am not sure never had one. But the phones looking pretty good. Now there are so many phones makers around and they all want a piece from the cake. But I’ll wait now for the M10 and maybe this year I’ll buy one. For now I like the G5

  • Brad Fortin

    See, THIS design looks like the M7/M8/M9, not the A9 like so many people (ChrisPollard77, FlamesFan89, Marc Palumbo, thereasoner, etc) were saying.

  • On top of liking the way it looks, this design also makes the phone easier to grip.

  • George Salcedo

    This is awesome, I had the m7 and currently own an m9 so I’m expecting great things from this phone. No one can beat HTC with regards to a smooth and fluid OS

  • Ronald

    HTC phone are pretty much perfect except for the camera

  • neo905

    No Canadian carriers are selling the M9 right now. I know it’s a relatively old device at this point and they are waiting for the M10 to launch but it doesn’t bode well.