Google’s new Android weather cards are now available


  • This frog is the best.

  • saltorio

    If the cards now offer some kind of wind chill/humidex temperature, I’ll use them. Otherwise, I’ll have stick with Weather Timeline.

    • FlamesFan89

      Wind chill is a very real thing, based on cooling rates. Humidex on the other hand…

      While yes, it feels hotter when it is humid, there is no debating that, humidex is essentially voodoo hand-waving calculated with a large dose of empirical constants (otherwise known as fudge factors) to determine some mythical value for what it “feels” like. All you need to know for humidity is, in hot weather, if it’s humid, it’s going to be harder to breath and harder to cool down. Any actual numbers attached to it have as much value as me saying “more dogs will fart today because the unicorns have added 14 fairy bags of rainbow dust to the clouds”.

      Wind chill is simply, wind at temperature X Celsius and speed Y km/h, will cool an object at the same rate as temperature Z Celsius with no wind. It too contains empirical constants, but it is at least backed up by standard methods of calculating heat transfer.

  • I use Weather Now and the current weather is actually in my screen. So if its pouring rain out then my screen looks like its raining inside. If its a blizzard out then it looks like a blizzard is goign on inside my phone. Its really neat and not that expensive. People ask me all the time about it. Lets you use your own wallpaper and puts the animations over it!

    Weather Now by Hamster Beat they have a free version to give you a trial of it. Honestly the best weather app i have ever used with an amazon 100% customization home screen widgets, blows the pants of Google Now weather cards!

    • Brownstar

      And all that animation sucks life from your battery

    • nope did a test and battery was the same over 1 week with on and one week with it off!

  • Josh Adams

    That frog needs to budle up. Just tried it in my town. He’s naked painting a picture, sure its sunny but its -7°c